Part Time Babysitter On The Go Service At Your Finger Tip

babysitter on the go made moms me time possible


Are you looking for part time babysitter on the go?

Mary Farmhouse is established by a group of moms because we know what moms need. One of the things that moms (especially stay at home mom and work at home mom) is me time. You need a babysitter. You do not need full time babysitter, but you do need occasional babysitter. Hence the babysitting service at Mary Farmhouse.

What will you get when you use our babysitter service?

  1. On the go babysitter. Just a call away when needed.
  2. The babysitter is on part time basis only. They won’t pester you for a permanent post.
  3. Trust. We trust our babysitter that she can do her job well.
  4. Finally, your own ME TIME. We, moms, all need that very much, don’t we?

Now, we are waiting for you to choose your desired me time and fill in the form below.


The babysitting service charge is as below:

1 hour : RM 15

9 hours straight : RM 100


If you are interested to be one of Mary Farmhouse babysitter, please contact 0193525453 (ms. Asma’)

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