“We owe it to each other to tell stories.”

Once upon a time...

It’s Story Time!

Reading is a very good habit and enjoyable past-time hobby we need to instill and nurture in our children since they are little. Often, it is hard to tell the children to read as they will get board and easily distracted. To sit down and read together with the children is a hard thing to do to some parents as they can hardly find any time to spend amidst the tight working schedule.

Mary Farmhouse understands this reality thus we offer the children to join our Story Time Session that will be held every weekend.

With a fee of only RM 5, your child will be able to:

~Embark in a Fun story telling journey with Mary Farmhouse
~Read all the books and play games in Mary Farmhouse bookracks
~Improve vocabulary
~Improve confidence level
~Find reading as a fun and interesting activity
~Socialize between friends

Mary Farmhouse also believes in a quote: "Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader", and so we strive to give rise to great leaders-to-be, for a better future.

Set the date, let's join us!

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