In today’s monstrous world, mommies and daddies are striving to make a living. It is hard to define love. It is hard to show you care. You go to work very early and come back late at night. If you are a work-at-home-mother we truly understand your struggle, who fight a fight that is just as tough. You have to juggle between motherhood and career. You have to balance between caring and earning. You sacrifice yourselves for the survival of your families. You are painfully building a future for your kids.

People might not understand your struggle. They might accuse you of not being the best mommies and daddies who provide the best shelter for your child. Sometimes you miss to have your own me-time. A time when you can just enjoy yourself. But the guilt is too much. The guilt of not able to provide the best environment for your child to thrive in today’s challenging world.

You know that our kids are the leaders of tomorrow. And you know that for this sole reason, they deserve to have the best of care. You want to have a peace of mind, that when you are fighting for their future, they are placed in the most loving hands, nourished and served with the healthiest food, educated in every moment of their play. That every second of their lives are filled with joy yet very fulfilling in an intelligent way. That you are able to supervise every second right in front of your eyes, while building your career. You want to have that assurance that safe haven exists for your child and not just a dream that sounds too far-fetched.

We exist to tell you that this dream is within your reach. That this safe haven, enriched with learn- through-play programme, healthy nutritious homemade food and love is just as good (or even better) than home. You are able to have that luxury of spending time with them while doing your work at the same time. We are welcoming you to join us and be part of every child’s dream.

Back then, our mothers were homemakers. Their days started earlier than us. Outside is still dark and cool. But the kitchen was so lively with her mother-soul, preparing breakfast from scratch. The aroma of fried shallots, the crackling sound from the wok, the sound of running water and banging of pots and utensils in the sink, having their quick bath. Sometimes, we could hear her hummings filling in the still morning. Sometimes her voice piercing to our ears as an alarm clock to wake us up. Upon opening our eyes for the day, the smell of sweet pandan and creamy coconut, and fresh smell of fried ‘ikan bilis’. Yummy ‘nasi lemak’ is the first savoury of the day for us to have an awesome start. Real food, nutricious and delicious spread for the whole family well being. Not just be healthy, but for us to be good in our studies and to be smart in school and life.

Little did we know the love, sacrifice, passion and hope motivated our mothers not just for the day, but to our beautiful future. Little did we know that she drained herself for us. Little did we know what in store for us when we are mothers ourselves. Once we are mothers, then the reality hits. We want to be like our mothers. As strong, as passionate and as motivated. Yet, in today’s world, we sought to be balanced. We want to be like our mothers and on the same time, be selfish by putting our happiness and well being on the same level.  of importance. Little did we know that it is hard to choose. A career and a mother like our mother. Our babies need to have what we have back then. Diseases are such as diabetes, coronary, high blood pressure and the feared, cancer are becoming a norm. we don’t want that.

With this, farmhouse idea came. We want to create a place to ease all the guilty feelings that mothers are having. The guilty pleasure because of wanting a balanced life between me and children, becomes pleasure-pleasure life. Farmhouse brings us back to a place far from city’s hassle and its quick paced life. Where they eat what is available in the farm, and pick up what has been grown at the backyard. They have raw food from around their place and create delicious yet nutritious spread. From raw food, to homemade seasonings to plentiful nutritious dishes, all are made with love to ensure the whole family is filled and nourished. Indeed a good dish is for better tomorrow.

We have this beautiful picture carved in mind. We know, this is what we want for our family. Mrs Mary and sons farmhouse believes that food for the family must be wholesome as in nutritious, nourishing, free from additives and other chemicals that might bring harm in the long run. We also see that excessive consumption of elements such as fat in food, although from real food, is harmful to our body too. Hence, Farmhouse ensures that our product is reduced fat with healthy savouries in mind. We try our best to get the ingredients as original as it can in preparing the dish. We use freezing technique as the only method of preservation. No additives is added to extend life of products. As real and original as we can is the core of Farmhouse food and we are serious about it.