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Good Parent And Good Food Will Never Go Out of Style

Kids cafe is becoming popular in our country. Usually, kids cafe offers dine-in experience and space for kids to play under one roof (indoor playground). This works well with parenting movement today where parents get equal social time as well as space for kids to do what they love to do; be a kid.

We share the same view. Mary Farmhouse established itself as a kid cafe. We offer food that is healthy home cooked dishes that are free from preservatives and MSG, just like moms cooking. The delish spread is available at our cafe.

On top of that, Mary Farmhouse tries to be helpful by providing online food delivery service Shah Alam for those who are not able to dine in.

Why Shah Alam?

At this moment, we are only able to cover a small area within our outlet in Shah Alam. Mary Farmhouse will widen delivery  coverage in time.

When moms(sometimes, dads too) need a bit of ‘me time’, Mary Farmhouse offers part time babysitter service at an affordable fee. Mary Farmhouse hopes that parents will have the opportunity to refresh themselves before continuing the parenting adventure.

Kids love to play. We know that well. Kids love to do stuff, guided by adults, accompanied by parents, and surrounded by peers.

Hence, playgroup ideas and activities come into Mary Farmhouse agenda. Because we love to entertain kids with activities that enhance positive development in all aspect.

Going back to Mary farmhouse’s values, one of our core values is fun. Mary farmhouse’s core business partners are kids, parents and families. When we combine ‘fun’ and  the business partners, we can get an awesome fun filled party for all, from party space rental to party planner service to food to clowns, you name it, Mary Farmhouse will try to make it a reality!

Woohooo let’s party!

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